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the newest galleries -- Check out my November trip to S.A. and Botswana and my January trip to Kenya.  In the Africa generral gallery and in Kenya's folder.  Also - from Lisbon, Portugal, to the coast of Spain, across to Morocco and out to the Cape Verde islands. Look for the trip under Africa in the Morocco/Cape Verde album.

See South Africa and it's neighbors (click on the sand dune) from early 2016! Cubs, pups, and foals are getting important hunting lessons (well, maybe the foals are learning about hunting from the short end of the stick!) on the Mara in Kenya - click on the "Brothers' Lionheart."





Yellowstone/The Grand Tetons '12


Kenya '08


Welcome to my website!

My aim with the site is that you may get a feel for all these places in the world, and while they won't always be good pictures -- I'm hopeful you can appreciate the country or area when you view my pictures.

If you would like a photo (or a bunch of them!) to print for yourself, you can contact me by clicking on "Menu" and "Contact" - fill out the form and we'll get started. No fee for the photos, but if you would like to give to Sterling's Foundation and help support children in Africa and around the world - 100% of donations go through, absolutely no overhead costs are taken from donations! The Sterling Hammack Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity.


What's New?

Kenya in January 2020 - Spring rains bring floods! (2/11/20)

South Africa and Botswansa 2019 - Ohhh, so hot! Wild dogs by the dozen! (2/11/20)


Kenya in June 2019 - Hyena battle and lion cubs! (11/6/19)

Cruise from Lisbon to the Cape Verde islands. A small ship to see some big sand! (11/6/19)

Kenya in January 2019 and England in February. Lionesses attempt to contain their 11 cubs near a stream. And you wouldn't believe London in February ~ no queues at all for attractions and the Lake District will blow you away when covered in snow! (3/8/19)

Kenya Sept 2018 - third trip to Kenya this year and groups of 5 everywhere! Five cheetah brothers have formed a coalition to help each other hunt and we caught them taking down a wildebeest. (1/28/19)

Kenya Twice! A trip in January and another in June -- It's the Rainy Season so everything is green! (11/21/18)

Chilean Fjords March 2018 -- An expidition ship cruise from Ushuaia to Santiago. Cape Horn, Fantastic fjords and glaciers, fishing villages, National Parks and wineries. (11/21/18)

Sicily May 2017 -- the largest Mediterranean island with a rich and unique history reflected in sites like the Valley of the Temples, Erice and Selininte. (11/21/18)

Cruising the Mekong! Nov '17 -- A boat trip down the mighty Mekong from Siem Reap to Saigon, with a little trip extension to Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. Find it in the Cambodia/Vietnam '17 Gallery.

Southern Africa Fall '17 in Africa's Gallery 

June '17 to Kenya in Africa's Kenya Gallery.

Kenya Spring 2017 -- A spring time return to Kenya and my favorite conservancy next to the Masa Mara. Marvelous shots of a leopard carrying it's kill into a tree!

Australia '16 -- A quick stop in Sydney and the Blue Mountains before flying off to the rainforest area near Brisbane and the Great Barrier Reef at Noosa Island. Birds, turtles, reptiles, etc. and the Sydney Opera House! (11/30/16)

Kenya Fall 2016 ~~ Another stroll around Mara Plains. Cubs, pups, and their parents are busy culling the herd. Check 'em out! (11/22/16)

South Africa, Namibia and Zambia '16 ~~ Woops! Check out South Africa and it's neighbors!! I put it in a folder and forgot to tell everyone it was there. 'Whirlwinding' through half a dozen camps in 3 countries, see the sandy slopes in Namibia, Victoria Falls in Zambia, and my favorite in S. Africa - Mala Mala. You can find the pictures in the 'Africa' Gallery, inside the "Southern Africa Countries" folder, or click on a sand dune link above.  (6/1/2016)

Uganda and Kenya '16 -- Wow! We start with a safari by land and river - The Nile - around Murchison Falls, and then off to Kibale Forest to track the Chimps. A couple nights at Queen Elizabeth Natl. Park where we again tour by land and water down the Kazinga Channel in search of the elusive Shoebill and the not so elusive Hippo. Spend a night and a day in Ishasha and then 3 nights in Gorilla Forest Camp hiking into Bwindi's Impenetrable Forest in search of Mountain Gorilla and an amazing visit with the Batwa - a tribe of pygmies at Bwindi. (1/25/16)

Kenya/Tanzania '15 -- More visits to Foundation projects and a journey into the Serengeti.  (1/25/16)

France '15 -- Cruising the Rhone from across France, from Normandy's beaches through Burgandy to Marsaille.  (1/25/16)

Kenya '15 -- A few trips to Kenya for game drives and to check on some of the Hammack Foundation projects.  (10/18/15)

The Galapagos Islands '15  -- On the MV Evolution with G Adventures, we visit the islands of San Cristobal, Kicker Rock, South Plazas Island, Santa Cruz Island, Santiago Island and Chinese Hat, Tower Island, North Seymour and Santa Fe Island, Floreana Island and Baltra Island. Then it's off to Cusco, Peru for a visit to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu before a stay in Lima. Sea level to 11,360 feet and back -- WOW! (2/13/15)

New Zealand and Australia '14 -- From Auckland, NZ down the eastern coast - stops at Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, Picton, Dunedin, and Fjordland before going over to Sydney. Then up to the Gold Coast for Brisbane and Noosa. (12/22/14)

The Silk Road -- from the Chinese border at Almaty, Kazakhstan by train to Moscow, Russia. A train ride through history as we look at old city walls made of brick from the 6th century B.C., mosques old and new, camels and donkeys, markets in the square, the "Vatican" of the Russian Orthodox Church, and the Bolshoi Theater! (11/7/14)

The Cotswolds -- a georgous area in England just a few hours out of London, the villages of Winchcombe, Broadway and Chipping Camden and a breif stop in Stratford on Avon with a peek into Anne Hathaways cottage. (10/20/14)

Kenya -- (check out the "lost" pics! The first 3 pictures in Kenya '14 were taken of a Eland jumping over a Zebra -- it was amazing! They missed the initial placement on the website) Mara Plains Camp on the Olare Oroc Conservancy. A great place, just remodeled, and the animal life gets better all the time! Great visit with my friend there was the best part, the worst was the death of four lion cubs by males trying to establish themselves in the area. Find the pictures in the Africa folder, Kenya sub-folder under Kenya'14 (3/4/14)

Cuba! -- my biggest suprise was that I loved it as much as I did - because of the people, the buildings, the colors, even an odd respect I felt for Fidel. The visit even changed my opinion on the US embargo - the blockade should be lifted. Before going I would never have imagined saying that -- but now I'm sure we should have started trading with them long ago. Find the pictures in a brand new folder, The Caribbean in the Cuba gallery (2/5/14)

Back to Africa -- this time to Kenya and Tanzania -- some new pics of migration and something new to the Planet -- some of my guides (and friends!) are included! I recently was looking through some old pictures from safari's from years ago, and although I'm seeing much the same as then, these pictures are sooo much better. I hope you enjoy! They are in the Africa folder, in a gallery called "Kenya and Tanzania '13" (10/12/13)

Starting with a bullet train ride from Niigata, Japan and ending with a few days in Moscow, Russia -- these are pictures from a cruise on the MS Caledonian Sky. Spectacular scenery, an incredible array of wildlife, and native cultures of the remote reaches of Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula and isolated Kuril Islands. Fire and ice, hot springs and active volcanoes. Birds, whales, seals, bears, and welcoming comittees at every stop! Find them in the folder "Northern Japan and the Kamchatka Peninsula" in the "Asia" gallery (6/30/13)

Whales, whales, whales, and baby whales! A little trip to Hawaii in February for whale watching finds unusual wind and rain on Maui but still tons of Humpbacks. Even a pod of Spinner Dolphins off the Big Island! Find them in the North America folder in a gallery called "Maui & Kona Winter '13 (3/17/13)

A cruise on the MS Expedition - 21 days from Ushuaia to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and on to Antarctica. Every shape imaginable of iceberg, Humpback whales closer than ever before, seals and penguins too many to number, and some amazing history in the wake of an incredible explorer - Sir Ernest Shackleton. Find them in the Antarctic & Sub-Antarctic Gallery (3/16/13)

Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey -- A cruise on a great ship, the Crystal Serenity, and sweet timing for weather, crowds (or lack there-of), and austerity demonstrations rewards all of us with some amazing new pictures of extraordinarily old places! Find them in the Europe Gallery. (11/12/12)

Western Australia, a cruise on the Orion. From Broome to Darwin -- some amazing rock formations, gorgeous scenes and a great time. (10/7/12)

England in May! Earlier this year I did a little travel around the Lake District, a visit to friends in Blackpool and then off to London. Enjoy!! (10/2/12)

The latest Safari in Africa! Photos from Zimbabwe, Zambia, SA and Botswana. I've got so many from this trip that they're seperated into galleries of animal types to make them easier to navigate through. Find them as the first entry in the Africa folder under "South Africa - Zimbabwe - Zambia - Botswana '12 (8/15/12)

New from The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone -- Bison, Bears, Elk, Mountains and more! Find them in the North America Gallery (5/27/12)

On the Queen Elizabeth from Singapore to Dubai -- Pictures from Singapore, Malaysia, and India. Keep an eye out for the "Dubai update" (5/16/12)

New pictures from an old place! I've been before and have the old photos to prove it, but these new ones put my previous shots to shame. Stroll, paddle, and tuk tuk around Thailand and Vietnam with me, just remember to take off your shoes in the temples! (12/14/11)

Just returned last week from the Sub-Antarctic! See the pictures in the "Orion Cruise" gallery! (11/18/11)

The latest trip to Africa is on now! Two weeks in Kenya, Joy's Camp in Shaba, Ol Donyo Wuas in the Chyulu Hills, and Mara Plains Camp adjoining the Masai Mara. All led off by a stay at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi. (10/5/11)

My recent trip to Alaska - From Anchorage to Brooks Falls Lodge, up the Knik River and deep into Denali National Park. (7/28/11)

Two new Galleries in a new folder! Europe has a large enough showing now for it's own folder. Inside you'll find my trips through Krakow & Auschwitz, Prague, England and the latest entries new today from my trip to the Lake District of England and Northern Italy. (5/31/11)

New pictures from the window seat, can you pick out the Swiss Alps? (5/14/11)

Just updated! The missing stop of Sao Tome and Principe! (4/29/11)

Cruise up the western coast of Africa (located in the Africa folder) -- A great trip and lots of pictures! (4/19/11)

A New Gallery -- The San Francisco Bay. Pictures from around the Bay Area. So far mostly Napa Valley. But there will be more! (2/22/11)

Back from the South Pacific -- and here they are, pictures from French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, Tonga and New Zealand's North Island! (12/07/10 with an update on 12/16/10)

Long awaited and now they're here! Prague, Auschwitz and Krakow. (11/02/10)

New Pictures from Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Just the one now but more coming soon! (06/04/10)

New Pictures from the air over San Francisco Bay!! I took a Blimp ride from Oakland out to the Golden Gate and back. The timing was terrific, checkout the B-17 Flying Fortress over the Gate. (05/02/10)

New Pictures from Africa. Check them out in "Bostwana / South Africa, 2009 (10/02/09) New pictures in Lake Almanor and From the Window Seat. (9/1/09)

Check back soon in "Critters", while enjoying lunch at a nearby lake I got pictures of a snake enjoying its own lunch. New Pictures from New Zealand (7/5/09)

Update: Over a hundred New Pictures from China and the Isles of the South Pacific, along with some from our summer retreat at Lake Almanor added (6/5/09)

New Pictures from China, England & Yellowstone National Park! (5/31/09)

Papua New Guinea (4/8/09)

Volcano pics added (4/26/09)

New Galleries -- Critters (new butterflies and lizards 4/8/09)and Shots from the Air (3/6/09)

New from Hawaii -- Whales! (2/16/09)

New Pictures From Utah -- Southern Utah, Monument Valley and Arches National Park(1/11/09)

New music! It takes about 30 seconds to load and may "freeze" your picture for a second or two when it starts -- but I hope you enjoy it! There is a volume control to adjust or use your own speaker volume control. New pictures in Botswana (1/05/09)

Search words have been changed to "singular", (baby vs. babies, cat vs. cats) New search word -- "Favorite" See my own personal Top Ten! (4/3/09)

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